iTech of the Week! August 28, 2014

Having a cracked screen has become a fad that no one chooses to partake in, but it’s a growing epidemic. It is our duty as iCracked to bring our repairs to the next level of service, and that includes your workplace! As a newer company we are always looking for additional ways to expand our business and network. Here at iCracked, we have decided to not only assist the everyday individual with their tech repairs, but to also extend a helping hand business to business. Our enterprise program is specifically designed just for that. Through a developed relationship, our services are able to enter into the workforce of larger scale businesses and repair multiple devices. We have one iTech in particular who has stepped up and helped us to expand our enterprise relationships and service offerings. For this we would like to recognize Ed Liu for his exceptional work!


iCracked has recently partnered with Burberry Group p|c, a British luxury fashion company, in developing a pilot program, which allows our services to cover 10 of their stores across the US. Ed was able to represent iCracked at the Burberry HQ, in his home-town of Houston and demonstrate multiple repairs for their employees. Ed is one of our highest rated iTechs and has done an immaculate job at providing the best service to our customers. We are proud to have him aboard our team!


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iTech of the Week! August 14, 2014

One of our main objectives at iCracked is to provide incredible service to all customers. We pride ourselves on the fact that this experience begins with our iTechs. First impressions are crucial, so it is our duty to support these customers with a network of iTechs we feel represent themselves well and are able to effectively communicate as an extension of iCracked.  It is in line with these characteristics that our iTech of the Week goes out to Aubrey Kotelko of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. In under 3 months, Aubrey has completed 58 repairs, and his dedication to his craft continues.  Aubrey’s remarkable quality is his continued involvement in bettering each customer’s iCracked experience as a whole. He is aware of the most important responsibilities of being an iTech, and assists all customers with the best possible service, whether they go through with a repair or not,  leaving them with a positive experience.


“I am a firm believer that every single contact we have with a customer increases our brand equity.”

iCracked chooses to recognize iTechs, like Aubrey, who prioritize the customer’s needs, adding great value to our company. We are lucky to not only have the working voice of 70(+) team members at HQ, but also to have nearly 700 iTechs striving to build and perfect that memorable experience . It is our hope that future iTechs will learn to emulate these great qualities, and continue to generate favorable encounters. Thank you, Aubrey, for your stellar work! Keep it up.


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Welcome Home, Daddy!

More often than not, family tops the list for most important things in people’s lives.  For members of the US Armed Services, there are long periods of time that you are separated from loved ones.  Writing letters used to be the only means of communication. Modern technology like Skype, FaceTime, What’sApp, and various other communication tools have opened up incredible opportunities to stay connected despite vast distances.  And, nowadays, the smartphone is the vehicle to make these meaningful connections.

So, when the unfortunate yet inevitable cracked screen occurs, it can make these communications and connections increasingly difficult. Let us introduce Navy Corpsman Grant Little, his wife Monica, and their two-year old daughter Bella.  Grant cracked his iPhone 5 screen before deploying for six months. Text messages, emails, and the ever-important FaceTime conversations became not only difficult, but nearly impossible. Pieces of glass began to crack off, and he could barely read the messages from loved ones back in San Diego. Needless to say, repairing his iPhone was a priority. Monica began researching options for iPhone screen repair prior to her husband’s homecoming.

While on Facebook one afternoon, Monica came across a post about iCracked featured in an article on Gizmodo.  Through shared connections, Monica reached out to iCracked CEO AJ Forsythe directly.  Hearing about the family’s story and Grant’s predicament, AJ and the iCracked family were chomping at the bit to help.

Enter iTech Tim Buckland. Tim is a San Diego area iTech AND a Navy veteran. Tim was thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in making Grant’s homecoming a little bit sweeter. Within 24 hours of arriving back in the good ol’ US of A, Grant had his phone looking and functioning as good as new.

Our iTechs deliver amazing experiences everyday, but instances like this make us all a little prouder to be a part of iCracked and truly make the juice worth the squeeze.  Big shout out to Tim for a job well done. Thanks to Monica for reaching out to us, and a massive thank you to Grant and all servicemen and women home and abroad for their service and dedication to our country.


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Networking isn’t always easy or the highest item on the priority list. At iCracked, we highly encourage collaborative effort between iTechs to better themselves and each other. Becoming an iCracked iTech not only allows you to get familiar with devices, but it also opens the door to the wealth of connections that is the iTech community. Using these connections to bring people together simply for the love of what they do shows great initiative. It is with great pride that we announce our iTech of the Week for showing such initiative by bringing other iTechs together in order to improve their businesses as a region. Congratulations, Paul Cohen!


Stationed in New City, NY, Paul lives with his wife and triplet daughters. His 20 years of experience as a systems network engineer have pushed him in his work as an iTech, allowing him to complete over 200 repairs. Paul organized and hosted a BBQ last weekend, inviting other iTechs in the Greater New York area. He offered his fellow iTechs an afternoon of BBQ, fellowship, and summertime fun at a local park. iTechs came from all around the Northeast, some driving several hours to participate. But everyone who attended wouldn’t have spent their day any other way. iTech Bob Amendola said, “A lot of people drove some hours to get there but it was well worth it.” “I’m still amazed how far some people travelled just to get here,” said Paul Cohen. “We had fun while sharing ideas and war stories.” Even one of our very own HQ employees was able to attend and report back with great details of the event. It was a great way for local iTechs to connect and develop a closer working relationship. As for another gathering, Paul is already looking forward to it. “The next one will be at least twice as good!”

We are very proud of Paul’s efforts, in going above and beyond the requirements of an iTech. He has shown immense dedication to the team, and we thank him for all of his hard work! Thank you, Paul, and congrats again!

Check out some of the pictures below from the BBQ!




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