Introducing: iCrackedU


Introducing: iCrackedU. Calling all frat guys, chem nerds, theater folks, social chairs, and engineering rockstars. 

iCrackedU is the collegiate group of the iCracked team, focused on recruiting college students onto the team as on-campus iTechs to keep co-ed’s fingers glass-free.

Look, we get it. College isn’t cheap. If you are a fixer and lover of all things electronics, we’d love to talk to you about making some cash by joining our team. As an iTech, you’ll get to set your own hours fixing your peers’ phones on campus. We’ll hook you up with parts, training and marketing materials (#swag), and the rest is on you. Build your own biz. Be your own boss.

Beer is expensive. Loans are REALLY expensive. Learn more about becoming an iTech to make some extra cash for both by contacting our iCrackedU team:

Lucas Crowley


[email protected]


We’re growing, friends!

Big news! We’re growing, and growing fast! Learn about our plans for the iTech network for the rest of 2014 below. To learn more about joining the team, visit

iCracked to double iTech network by end of 2014

Redwood City, CA (Sept. 24, 2014) – iCracked, the leading trade-in and repair service for smartphones and tablets, announces it will double its fleet of iTechs by the end of 2014. Responding to intense and rapid nationwide consumer demand, the company, already boasting over 700 iTechs, will add 700+ new technicians.

iCracked co-founder and CEO AJ Forsythe said, “We’re already incredibly proud of the network that we’ve built, and we’re thrilled about this opportunity to provide the iCracked experience to customers from Anchorage to Miami. That being said, it’s imperative that we grow very quickly throughout the rest of 2014 and beyond.”

Unlike many of the other prominent companies within the sharing economy, iTechs operate as fully independent sales affiliates, receiving no penalties or transactional fees from the customers they service. This acts as a massively important differentiator and value add to prospective iTechs, ensuring an unparalleled level of support and stability.

iCracked is the only company to offer on-demand services for all smartphone needs; repair, trade-in and warranty. iTechs travel to meet the customer at their requested time and location.

To learn about becoming an iTech, visit

iCracked Jumps the Pond

UK_iCracked_BlogWe have news. Big ol’ bloody news. We’ve opened the doors to our new office in Shoreditch, east London’s ‘Tech City’ district.

We’re already an international platform, servicing customers in 11 countries. We knew we were outgrowing our U.S. operations, and saw our demand rising quickly overseas. This week, the first round of team members heading up our international expansion landed in London to set up shop and begin eating a lot of fish and chips. (Forgive us, all we know how to do right now is be cliche. Help?)

The iCracked services you know and love will be available throughout the London area very, very soon. You know the drill: shatter your phone? We’ll come fix it. Drop it in a pint of beer? (we’re doing the cliche thing again…) We’ll come fix it. Want to sell your current phone and upgrade to the iPhone 6? We’ll come give you cash on the spot.

We’re also hiring like crazy to quickly grow our overseas team. If you think you’d make a good fit, we’d love to meet you. As part of the iCracked family, we strive to make every single interaction with the people who use our services as fantastic as possible. If you love solving complex problems, while making a friend or two along the way because of stellar customer service, you’ll fit right in.

Bottom line, serving customers and providing them with awesome iCracked experiences is what makes the juice worth the squeeze for us, and we’re thrilled to open up our London office and begin to do just that.

We’d love to hear from you. Please reach our London team members at [email protected]


Trading in your iPhone: The devil is in the details


Look. We know there are a lot of options when you’re looking to trade in your old iPhone. There are some great services out there, no doubt. However, what you think you’re getting and what you’re actually getting may not always line up.

This week, following the debut of that gorgeous new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many of the nationwide carriers announced consumer trade-in plans for those who plan to upgrade. We dug in to see what the actual value was, and what the fine print said. Enjoy.


The promotion: They pledge up to $300 trade-in value when you trade in your old iPhone. For a limited time, trade-in an eligible phone and receive a $300 AT&T promotion card for an iPhone 5S, or a $200 AT&T promotion card for an iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or 5C.

The catch:  The offer expires on Sept. 30, 2014. The iPhones must be in fully functional condition, and no payment is given if the phone is damaged in any way. The deal also requires a purchase of a new smartphone entirely, along with a new 2-year wireless contract. The AT&T promotion card can ONLY be used toward AT&T products or credits (i.e., for your wireless bill.) If you trade-in in the store, you receive the promotion card instantly If you trade-in online, you wait three weeks for your money.

Verizon Wireless

The promotion: Verizon promises up to a $300 gift card through their “Trade-In and Trade-Up Smartphone” deal. However, it’s only valid if you’re willing to purchase a new smartphone entirely. They also promise a new iPhone 6.

The catch: iPhone 6 promotion is only valid you want the iPhone 16GB version, nothing else. And, you must purchase a 2-year contract. Trade-in smartphone must be in good working condition, no payment if it is damaged in any way. The Verizon gift cards are ONLY valid towards the purchase of their products and services. The gift card will also be mailed to you two weeks after trade-in, so you will still have to pay the cost of the iPhone 6 or other smartphone upfront when you go in


The promotion: Sprint is offering a “Get $200 for any iPhone when you trade in for an iPhone 6″ deal.

The catch: To cash in, you must purchase an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and start new 2-year contract, financing plan, or leasing plan. The value can only be used towards Sprint products or services, or applied as account credit. The iPhone must be in fully functional condition.


The promotion: T-Mobile promises the “Best Trade-In Value in Wireless, Guaranteed.” They offer to beat any trade-in offers from the other carriers. They also offer to pay early termination fees (ETFs) from the other carriers.

The catch: Verification reflecting trade-in value from AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint must be presented within seven days after trade-in. The value match can only be paid out as bill credit, and will take 2-3 bill cycles to be applied. Up to $350 will be paid as a prepaid MasterCard that is only a rebate/reimbursement on a new device, service or port-in hardware. The iPhone must be in good working condition, and you must purchase the new smartphone you want upfront before completing the trade-in.

So, what did we all learn today kids?

-Your phone MUST be in good and working condition
-Rebates and reimbursements often go towards other hardware/device credits, not just as money in your pocket
-Contracts/agreements with the carrier are required

We know that life happens. Your phone may not always be in pristine, working condition, and we’ll still put money in your pocket for it with our Express Sell service. Literally. We will come to you, and give you cash, on the spot. No matter the phone condition. And, we’re the only ones who do it.  Here’s a video for those of you prefer to visually learn: iCracked Express Sell.

Lock in your offer today: