That devastating moment when your iPhone is in free fall, spiraling toward the ground,Why iPhone Repair is Always the Best Option
and then you hear a sickening crunch as the screen shatters into a million tiny little pieces. The first thing that goes through your mind (or comes out of your mouth) is usually a string of expletives followed closely by the panicked thought that “I can’t afford to buy a new iPhone!”

The majority of the time, no matter how bleak the chances look of your phone working again, iCracked can get you back on track. Using an iPhone repair shop like iCracked is the most cost efficient solution when you find yourself (or your iPhone) between a rock and a hard place. Here are 3 reasons why you should seek iPhone repair advice instead of buying a new phone:

-          Reason #1: You may have paid around $200 for a new iPhone, but that was most likely a subsidized cost for signing a new contract or continuing a contract with a service provider. If you don’t have insurance on your phone and you were to buy a new iPhone before your upgrade, you could end up spending anywhere from $500-$800 on the full retail price of the iPhone. Ouch.

–          Reason #2: Bringing your damaged iPhone into the Apple store, the geniuses at the Genius Bar will most likely try and convince you that your iPhone is beyond repair and that it is absolutely necessary for you to buy a brand new phone at full retail. This is probably not the case. If they do agree to try and repair your iPhone, fixing the screen will cost you a mere $200. The team at iCracked charges as little as $60 for iPhone screen replacement (and iPad and iPod screen replacement). With iCracked you have 3 easy options that make repairing your damaged iPhone a cake walk: ordering a DIY iPhone repair kit, sending in your phone for repair, or visiting a local iTechnician.

–          Reason #3: iPhone repair is a smart financial move even if you have insurance or it is time for your upgrade. If you can fix your iPhone for as little as $60 and then sell it, hey that’s money in your pocket!

At iCracked, we are folks just like you who have broken a phone or two in our day. That is why we are here to empower you to fix your own iPhone with our awesome iPhone repair videos and flowcharts and DIY iPhone repair kits!

For more iPhone repair tips and tricks please stay tuned for our weekly blog posts!


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