iCracked for Education: ‘fixing’ the digital classroom

Learn about how we're striving to improve iPad learning in the classroom through our iCracked for Education program.

Every year, educational institutions experience damage to 20 percent of the school’s fleets of electronic devices, hindering their effectiveness and thus disrupting the learning process. Despite the tendency to break, iPads and other devices are here to stay — according to a study by Open Colleges, 81% of U.S teachers say tablets enrich classroom learning, and 86% of students believe that tablets can help them to study more efficiently.

These devices support many aspects of K-12 learning; comprehensive digital curriculum via iPads, app-based cognitive learning programs, loaned take-home device for after school coursework and more. A damaged device causes a pain point for not only the student and teacher, but the school’s IT leader in finding a solution that is both efficient and professional. More than most, we understand the importance of fast, quality screen repair, which is why we introduced iCracked for Education last year, focused on repairing iPads for the educational institutions.

Working to alleviate the problems schools face in managing devices for the digital classroom, we provide educational institutions with quality, reliable and convenient repair:

Nationwide service, unrivaled convenience: Our network of thousands of on-demand repair professionals, called “iTechs”, in 600+ cities across the U.S. allows for 72 hour turnaround times on all device repairs.
Quality assurance, professional technicians: Every repair conducted by iCracked is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. Each iTech in our network is extensively background-checked and rigorously trained, ensuring the highest quality work and safety.
No long-term contracts: We work directly with schools to find a program right for their needs, offering services with centralized billing and without the need for a contract.
To get started or learn more about iCracked’s solutions, connect with us here.