A phone as powerful, intelligent and intuitive as you are. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a phone that recognizes your mobile habits to optimize the way you interact with your phone. This phone is like no other, and you have quickly become dependant on it for all your daily tasks, connections, and entertainment.

But if your Samsung Galaxy S10 becomes impaired for any reason, you can come to a grinding halt. Enter in iCracked. A professional, expert repair service for any issue with your Samsung Galaxy S10. Our skilled team can handle any repair you need and can get it done quickly so you don’t have to be sidelined by a cracked screen, broken camera or accidental water damage. A repair as powerful and intelligent as your Samsung Galaxy S10.

You love that your Samsung Galaxy S10 preloads your most frequently used apps to launch instantly. Saving you time and organizing your mobile life so you can focus on what matters most. Until it doesn’t, and you find yourself needing a repair. We know this is a hassle you don’t need and iCracked can fix any issue with your phone in about an hour. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. Don’t lose precious time sending your Samsung Galaxy S10 back to Samsung, call us and our experienced technicians will get your phone working again in no time.

Powerful, intelligent repair with a lifetime guarantee. Contact us today so we can get your Samsung Galaxy S10 working optimally for you again, quickly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications


Color options: Prism White, Prism Blue, Prism Black, Prism Green

Resolution: 3040x1440, 550ppi

Storage capacities: 128GB and 512GB

CPU: 10nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor *2.7GHz + 1.7GHz

Size: 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm


Weight: 5.5 oz

Front camera: 10MP, Dual Pixel AF, 1.22μm, FOV: 80˚, F.No (aperture) : F1.9

Display:  6.1" Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, Infinity-O Display, HDR10+ certified

Rear camera: Dual OIS(Optical Image Stabilization), 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, 16MP Ultra Wide Camera


Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs We Carry Out


Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Repair

Dropped your Samsung Galaxy S10 and cracked your screen?  No problem. This is the most common repair we do and we can get this done for you quickly so you can go on enjoying all the powerful features of your device.

Charging Port

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t charging up, you’re not charged up.  Don’t be sidelined by a broken charging port, let our qualified technicians repair your charging report and get you back in action.


You do a lot with your Samsung Galaxy S10, but at the end of the day it’s a phone, and if you can’t count on the most basic capability of your device, it’s no good to you.  We understand your frustration, let us fix your microphone so you can be heard again.

Headphone Jack

So many options for listening to music, recordings and videos on your Samsung Galaxy S10 but you just want to plug in your headphones and go.  When your Samsung Galaxy S10 headphone jack isn’t working, we can fix it.  Don’t get mad, contact iCracked now.

Home Button

There’s no place like home.  Your Samsung Galaxy S10 home button is where you begin, so when this doesn’t work, neither do you.  Let the iCracked team of professionals fix your home button and get you started up ASAP.

Ear Speaker

A staticy Samsung Galaxy S10 ear speaker is beyond annoying.  But don’t live with an ear speaker that makes you feel like you live in a tunnel, let our qualified technicians handle your ear speaker repair and put you in the clear again in no time.

Side Button

The efficiency of your Samsung Galaxy S10 side button allows you to toggle between your favorite apps and Bixby commands with a single press.  But if you keep pressing and nothing is happening, bring your phone to iCracked for an efficient and professional fix.


A full kit of camera lenses in your pocket, revolutionizing the way you take pictures.  Don’t miss capturing the everyday moments because your camera isn’t working.  Get a revolutionary repair so you can keep your focus on your subjects.  Make an appointment today.

Power Button

The Samsung Galaxy S10 power button does more than turn your phone on,  it commands Bixby and lets you quickly hop around on your phone.  But if you can’t turn your phone on, you can’t turn your mobile life on.  Get an appointment with an expert at iCracked and get back to mobility.

Loud Speaker

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 immerses you in sound and puts you in the middle of your music and movies.  Don’t let a broken loudspeaker keep you out of the action, schedule your appointment with an iCracked skilled technician today.