Just when you thought your Samsung Galaxy had it all, Samsung brings you the next generation of mobile innovation. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ with a brilliant, extra large infinity display, Wifi 6, intelligent battery management, and a professional quality camera all packed into a handheld device. If you are holding this phone in your hands, you are the lucky user of a phone like no other. You didn’t know it before you had it, but your Samsung Galaxy S10+ is now a device you can’t live without.

Until a missed countertop or a spilled coffee puts your Samsung Galaxy S10+ on the fritz. Don’t despair, get an appointment at iCracked for a quick and professional repair today. We get how important your device is to you, we’re gadget people too. We’ll get one of our expert repair technicians to fix any issue that you are experiencing with your phone - camera, screen, buttons, we’ve seen and fixed it all, and can get your repair done quickly. We know you can’t be without your Samsung Galaxy S10+ for even a minute.

The power of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is amazing and with the super fast 5G option, advanced CPU and intelligent battery management you can go fast, and go all day. The camera on this device is incredible with 3 rear cameras, pro-grade videos, high motor video, and color optimization. You’ll never have a blurred photo again. Don’t waste precious time boxing up your Samsung Galaxy S10+ and sending it out for repair. Contact iCracked for a professional, convenient, quick service that can be done in an hour.

You’ll also be happy to know we have a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs. Schedule your appointment and get back to your mobile life. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Specifications


Color options: Prism White, Prism Blue, Prism Black, Prism Green, Ceramic White, Ceramic Black

Resolution: 3040x1440, 522ppi

Storage capacities: 128GB and 512GB

CPU: 8㎚ 64-bit Octa-Core Processor 2.73㎓ (Maximum Clock Speed) + 2.31㎓ + 1.95㎓

Size: 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm


Weight: 6.17 oz

Front camera: Dual camera, 10MP Selfie Camera, 8MP RGB Depth Camera

Display:  6.4" Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, Infinity-O display, HDR10+ certified

Rear camera: Triple Camera, 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, 16MP Ultra Wide Camera


Samsung Galaxy S10+ Repairs We Carry Out


Samsung S10+ Screen Repair

A cracked or broken screen is beyond annoying, but this is the most common repair we see.  Schedule an appointment as soon as possible and we’ll get you back to enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S10+ as it was intended to be.

Charging Port

When you bought your Samsung Galaxy S10+ and were wowed by all the amazing features of this powerful phone, you likely didn’t give the charging port too much thought.  But you’ll have to think about it if it’s not doing its job.  We got you though, call for one of our skilled technicians to get your charging port going again in no time.


If you are having trouble with your microphone and can’t record videos or have a clear conversation on your phone, bring your Samsung Galaxy S10+ in for a quick and high-quality repair.  We’ll have everything as good as new in flash.

Headphone Jack

The sound quality of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is out of this world and your music never sounded clearer or crisper. But if for some reason your headphone jack isn’t working, you’re not hearing anything clearly.  Make an appointment today and we’ll have you humming again in no time.

Home Button

The home button gets you around your phone quickly and easily, one click gets you to your favorite apps.  Don’t let a broken home button slow you down.  Make an appointment and we’ll fix your home button today.

Ear Speaker

With a phone as high tech as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ you want to be able to enjoy all aspects of the phone to their fullest. If your ear speaker is staticy, let us repair it for you right away.  We can fix any issue anywhere, anytime.

Side Button

Even with the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in-screen fingerprint reader, your side buttons are the real heroes for getting around on your phone quickly and productively and raising and lowering volume.  Don’t be crippled by a broken side button, make an appointment with iCracked and get going again in a snap.


Telephoto, wide angle, RGB depth...you’ll never take a bad picture again.  Don’t let a broken camera prevent you from recording life’s most important moments.  Contact us today and let our experts repair your Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera and get you clicking again.

Power Button

You need everything on your Samsung Galaxy s10+ to work as it should.  But nothing is more imperative than your power button.  Call on iCracked for a quick, professional repair ASAP so you have all the power you need.

Loud Speaker

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has ultra high-quality playback on stereo speakers by AKG.  Don’t let a broken loudspeaker keep you from enjoying the music the way any sound enthusiast would envy.  Get in touch today and we’ll have your loudspeaker working as good as new.