Trading in your iPhone: The devil is in the details


Look. We know there are a lot of options when you’re looking to trade in your old iPhone. There are some great services out there, no doubt. However, what you think you’re getting and what you’re actually getting may not always line up.

This week, following the debut of that gorgeous new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many of the nationwide carriers announced consumer trade-in plans for those who plan to upgrade. We dug in to see what the actual value was, and what the fine print said. Enjoy.


The promotion: They pledge up to $300 trade-in value when you trade in your old iPhone. For a limited time, trade-in an eligible phone and receive a $300 AT&T promotion card for an iPhone 5S, or a $200 AT&T promotion card for an iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or 5C.

The catch:  The offer expires on Sept. 30, 2014. The iPhones must be in fully functional condition, and no payment is given if the phone is damaged in any way. The deal also requires a purchase of a new smartphone entirely, along with a new 2-year wireless contract. The AT&T promotion card can ONLY be used toward AT&T products or credits (i.e., for your wireless bill.) If you trade-in in the store, you receive the promotion card instantly If you trade-in online, you wait three weeks for your money.

Verizon Wireless

The promotion: Verizon promises up to a $300 gift card through their “Trade-In and Trade-Up Smartphone” deal. However, it’s only valid if you’re willing to purchase a new smartphone entirely. They also promise a new iPhone 6.

The catch: iPhone 6 promotion is only valid you want the iPhone 16GB version, nothing else. And, you must purchase a 2-year contract. Trade-in smartphone must be in good working condition, no payment if it is damaged in any way. The Verizon gift cards are ONLY valid towards the purchase of their products and services. The gift card will also be mailed to you two weeks after trade-in, so you will still have to pay the cost of the iPhone 6 or other smartphone upfront when you go in


The promotion: Sprint is offering a “Get $200 for any iPhone when you trade in for an iPhone 6″ deal.

The catch: To cash in, you must purchase an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and start new 2-year contract, financing plan, or leasing plan. The value can only be used towards Sprint products or services, or applied as account credit. The iPhone must be in fully functional condition.


The promotion: T-Mobile promises the “Best Trade-In Value in Wireless, Guaranteed.” They offer to beat any trade-in offers from the other carriers. They also offer to pay early termination fees (ETFs) from the other carriers.

The catch: Verification reflecting trade-in value from AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint must be presented within seven days after trade-in. The value match can only be paid out as bill credit, and will take 2-3 bill cycles to be applied. Up to $350 will be paid as a prepaid MasterCard that is only a rebate/reimbursement on a new device, service or port-in hardware. The iPhone must be in good working condition, and you must purchase the new smartphone you want upfront before completing the trade-in.

So, what did we all learn today kids?

-Your phone MUST be in good and working condition
-Rebates and reimbursements often go towards other hardware/device credits, not just as money in your pocket
-Contracts/agreements with the carrier are required

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Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the much-rumored iPhone 6 is set to debut this week Apple’s announcement event. For some of you, this is exciting. For the folks below, this is necessary.  (By the way, we’ll come to you and give you cash for your old phone on the spot. Yes, even the one that is defying the laws of iPhone science and bending in half.)























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iTech of the Week! August 28, 2014

Having a cracked screen has become a fad that no one chooses to partake in, but it’s a growing epidemic. It is our duty as iCracked to bring our repairs to the next level of service, and that includes your workplace! As a newer company we are always looking for additional ways to expand our business and network. Here at iCracked, we have decided to not only assist the everyday individual with their tech repairs, but to also extend a helping hand business to business. Our enterprise program is specifically designed just for that. Through a developed relationship, our services are able to enter into the workforce of larger scale businesses and repair multiple devices. We have one iTech in particular who has stepped up and helped us to expand our enterprise relationships and service offerings. For this we would like to recognize Ed Liu for his exceptional work!


iCracked has recently partnered with Burberry Group p|c, a British luxury fashion company, in developing a pilot program, which allows our services to cover 10 of their stores across the US. Ed was able to represent iCracked at the Burberry HQ, in his home-town of Houston and demonstrate multiple repairs for their employees. Ed is one of our highest rated iTechs and has done an immaculate job at providing the best service to our customers. We are proud to have him aboard our team!


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iTech of the Week! August 14, 2014

One of our main objectives at iCracked is to provide incredible service to all customers. We pride ourselves on the fact that this experience begins with our iTechs. First impressions are crucial, so it is our duty to support these customers with a network of iTechs we feel represent themselves well and are able to effectively communicate as an extension of iCracked.  It is in line with these characteristics that our iTech of the Week goes out to Aubrey Kotelko of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. In under 3 months, Aubrey has completed 58 repairs, and his dedication to his craft continues.  Aubrey’s remarkable quality is his continued involvement in bettering each customer’s iCracked experience as a whole. He is aware of the most important responsibilities of being an iTech, and assists all customers with the best possible service, whether they go through with a repair or not,  leaving them with a positive experience.


“I am a firm believer that every single contact we have with a customer increases our brand equity.”

iCracked chooses to recognize iTechs, like Aubrey, who prioritize the customer’s needs, adding great value to our company. We are lucky to not only have the working voice of 70(+) team members at HQ, but also to have nearly 700 iTechs striving to build and perfect that memorable experience . It is our hope that future iTechs will learn to emulate these great qualities, and continue to generate favorable encounters. Thank you, Aubrey, for your stellar work! Keep it up.


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