iCracked Outreach to Bay Area Students

This week Joe Mravca and Scott Waites, two stellar former iTechs who now are integral parts of the core team at iCracked HQ, had the opportunity to present to the Peninsula Bridge Summer Program, a group of more than 50 children ages 10 to 11 years old.  The themes of the presentation were that being smart is cool, curiosity is awesome, teamwork is imperative, and the need for resiliency in the face of challenges.


While repairing a device live on a projector, Scott and Joe shared iCracked’s story and how through our failures and successes we, as team, have been able to establish a global company built to serve our customers.  The students were captivated by both the iCracked journey, as well as the actual components of an iPhone. And it wouldn’t be complete without some swag (iCracked Beach balls)!

tablepresentation group

We are always stoked to use our story and experience to educate and inspire the future innovators of the world. Thanks to Peninsula Bridge and all the students for an amazing time!

Bay Area Schools and Organizations interested in having iCracked come present? Give us a shout!

Break of the Week

Shout out to iTech Hunter Miller in Madison, WI for this awesome repair!

The customer ran over his device with his truck and needed it repaired before he left town. 15 minutes later Hunter arrived, and 30 minutes after that…Poof! the device was back to perfect condition.


Great job, Hunter! Way to come through in the clutch!

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Made to Last – iCracked Hosts Inaugural Elite iTech Summit

This past weekend we, at iCracked HQ, had the pleasure of inviting 10 incredible iTechs to take part in our inaugural Elite iTech Summit in the Bay Area. The weekend was full of amazing idea-sharing, collaboration, and goal-setting in order to make every aspect of iCracked and the iTech network rock-solid for years to come. These 10 iTechs are truly stellar individuals from all over the country and of all ages, but one thing we share is the drive to make iCracked a household name synonymous with excellence and customer service.

For those that don’t know, iTechs are certified mobile technicians that provide stellar, on-demand repair and buyback service for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. iCracked is the world’s largest on-demand iOS device repair and buyback network with hundreds of iTechs across the country and abroad.

The weekend kicked off with a series of presentations and Q&A sessions on how to improve operations for each and every iTech in our network. As a growing company, we succeed by relying upon our iTechs’ feedback and insight to move in the right direction.


photo_7Saturday was a fun-filled day of sight-seeing and continued chats about the future of iCracked and our iTechs’ local businesses. We visited the historic Alcatraz prison and enjoyed a walking tour of San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay!

IMG_9789 copy

photo_1Sunday featured some hands-on workshops, including a terrific class on micro-soldering led by iTech Ed Waldrop of Fairfield, CA.

photo_6Such an amazing weekend! Does becoming an iTech sounds interesting? We’re constantly looking for new people to join our incredible network.  We’re also looking to bring in the best minds possible to join our team in sunny Silicon Valley. Get in touch to discuss terrific opportunities.

iCracked featured on Yahoo! Setting Records for Traffic

That wasn’t all that happened on Sunday! Thanks to a front page feature on Yahoo! for our appearance on Power Pitch, we saw our highest traffic day ever. We also received an incredible number of applications to become iTechs, shattering all of our previous records. We are taking all this great press along with what we learned from Summit weekend to improve our services for both our future customers and future iTechs!  Check back often to see what iCracked has in store for you!

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 10.16.39 AM

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iCracked Impresses Investors on CNBC’s Power Pitch

We were so excited to have been featured on CNBC’s Power Pitch. The segment, “Power Pitch: Bet on Startup iCracked?” was aired during the Power Lunch program yesterday and it was a huge success! CEO AJ Forsythe gave the iCracked pitch to superstar investors David Tisch (Box Group/TechStars) and Tim Draper (DFJ), along with CNBC’s Mandy Drury. It was an honor for our business goals to be validated by such renowned investors, and we’re extremely grateful to CNBC and Power Lunch for giving us the opportunity to showcase our passion for our consumers and our iTechs.

iCracked received an amazing reception, with all three panelists going “IN” and giving us a thumbs up endorsement. They were especially excited about our focus on providing consumers with a repair option that dispatches iTechs to them. When asked, Tisch reasoned that,

These devices are going to break [and] they need to be serviced. Bringing them to a store is the way of the past, the way of the future is people coming to you.

Draper concurred, stating,

This is an exciting business. I like the network [AJ is] creating. It’s a whole new way to look at servicing.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 7.44.17 PM

CNBC and the Investor Panelists are IN, are you? Give your answer in the poll on the bottom right of the page on Yahoo! Finance.

As we grow, iCracked will continue to provide customers with a diversity of options for their mobile iOS devices, whether it be for device repair or buyback.

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Screenshot from Yahoo! Finance.

News from Apple’s WWDC and Our Break of the Week

Last week at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, CEO Tim Cook and company gave us a pretty exciting sneak peek of things to come from Apple. Our favorite piece of news was the unveiling of an awesome new design for iOS 7 on Apple’s mobile devices. The user interface is substantially different from any of the previous iOS versions and all of the native apps have been re-imagined to fit the overall feel of the design.


How iCracked Can Help You Enjoy iOS 7

The iOS 7 update is slated for release in the fall and will be available for the newer versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For the complete list of new devices that will be supported, take a look at the iOS 7 features page from Apple.

For customers with older generation devices who’d like to upgrade to a newer model in order to experience iOS 7, check out our iCracked Buyback program! Dust off those sock-drawer iPhones and iPads you’ve been hanging on to and sell your old devices for cash toward an upgrade. If you have any damaged devices that you’d like to get fixed so you can enjoy iOS 7 in all its glory, be sure to schedule a repair appointment with one of our iTechs in your area to get those repaired.

As Apple continues to deliver incredible new mobile operating systems, iCracked will be there to be sure we can help you experience the latest and greatest Apple has to offer.

Break of the Week

iCracked Break of the Week

This week we’ve got an iPhone 4S from a customer who drove over his wife’s phone after leaving it on top of the family suburban while loading the car. When he reached his destination, his wife asked for her phone and his heart sank. They went back to the driveway and found the phone still there, but it was completely shattered. Enter iTech Jeff Johnson, who was able to save the day with a new screen and battery, restoring the phone to 100% functionality. Way to go Jeff!

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Top photo taken from The Verge and originally by Apple.