Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

As a Bay Area company, the 3Rs — reuse, recycle, reduce —  are ingrained in our DNA. Here at iCracked HQ, we are always trying our hardest to preserve Mother Nature.


These are three ways that iCracked helps the environment!

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Our iTechs and DIY customers send their cracked screens to us for proper recycling. This means fewer screens in landfills.

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Bay Area, South Carolina, and Georgia iTechs travel in Smart Cars, which emit fewer toxins. Did you know, every time a Smart Car is purchased, a tree is planted? Pretty great way to help out the environment while saving gas.

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Not only do we practice recycling at HQ, but we are one with nature. Austin, iCracked’s Financial Controller, sits amongst a living wall. He notes,”Being around the fresh plants helps me stay zen, especially during tax season.”

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Tell us in the comments below.

Hitting the Slopes with Liftopia



We get it, we hear it everyday, “I can’t live without my phone.” This kind of passion brings about a conversation we have been dying to have with our community. What is it about our attachment to our devices that makes us freak out when the iPhone battery is at 10% or when we can’t remember where we last left our iPad?

In many ways, our iPhones and iPads are our lifeline to the world. They contain everything we cherish—recent travel photos, workout playlists, the alarm clock that gets us to work on-time.


Kicking off today, we are launching #TuesdayTechTips, a new weekly content series highlighting all of our favorite apps, wearables, accessories, and blogs — and probably much more!

After spending the weekend up in Tahoe with iCracked coworkers, Leslee, our resident Senior Graphic Designer, is all about the ski and snowboarding app: Liftopia. 

Leslie Skiing

What is it?

Founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, Liftopia is revolutionizing the ski and snowboarding industry through providing deals for lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. As the largest seller of lift tickets online, Liftopia features current weather conditions and in-depth information for over 150 alpine resorts across North America


Where can you find it?

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iO6 or later.

Why do you use it and how did it make your life easier?

“When I make a last minute trip up to Tahoe, I love using Liftopia to see which lift ticket deals are available for that weekend. Last week, when I went skiing, I had already seen the current conditions of the mountain — all from my house in the South Bay. It’s a pretty sweet app when you’re trying to find lift tickets for a steal.”

Fun Facts about Liftopia HQ

32 ounces of bacon vodka have been consumed at Liftopia’s HQ.

Find out more about Liftopia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Check in next week for more #TuesdayTechTips and have an appy week :)

iTechs of the Month

At iCracked, we hear about the incredible things that our iTechs do all of the time. Often, we take it for granted how truly lucky we are to have these terrific people as part of our network.  The stories range from hilarious to touching, unbelievable to motivational; and every time it is a direct result of having the privilege of these men and women say that they are proud to be an iTech.

We decided that it was about time we share a few stories that highlight and congratulate a couple iTechs for their great work.

First, we’ll start with iTech Dave Gaffin who hails from sunny San Diego.  Dave has been an iTech for a little over a year, and he officially completed his 500th repair! To put that in perspective, that’s 1.36 repairs per day for a year.  It is a remarkable milestone and we couldn’t be more excited for him.  Say the name Dave Gaffin anywhere at iCracked HQ or in San Diego and you’re sure to hear the same response over and over, “Dave Gaffin is amazing!” Congratulations, Dave. And thank you!


If you’ve ever wondered whether camaraderie could exist across state borders, this next story will surely prove that it can thrive!

iTech Aaron Evans of Phoenix had his car broken into and, among other valuables, had his iTech kit containing his tools and inventory stolen. After hearing about the situation, a couple of iTechs banded together, created a Crowdtilt campaign, and within 48 hours had raised more than the total goal to replace Aaron’s kit.  The selflessness and generosity shown by our iTechs is nothing short of astounding.


And last, but certainly not least, we want to commend iTech Tim Allen of Corpus Christi, TX for his partnership with Corpus Christi Independent School District for 1,000 devices!  This type of “enterprise” account is a testament to Tim’s hard work and skills.  Congratulations, Tim, on an awesome opportunity to help out your community and spread the word about iCracked.


These are only three instances of the excellence that our iTechs continually exhibit all across the country and abroad.


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The True Face of iCracked


Last year went by incredibly fast and what a blast it was for iCracked. It has been nothing short of spectacular to lead this incredible group of people in Redwood City and across the country & globe. 2014 has come out of the gate like gangbusters. We’ve had the humbling experience of being featured in some of the top business media outlets in the world. iCracked was selected as the #17 company in Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies list in addition to appearances on Al Jazeera America, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, and more.  The magnitude of our gratefulness is difficult to articulate.

Our amazing network of iTechs has really made all of this happen.  These hardworking, phenomenal individuals work day in and day out to provide iCracked’s customers with the best possible service for the myriad things that may arise.  Ranging in age from 18 to 83, our iTechs truly run the gamut.  Yet, they all share an impassioned, intrinsic drive to help customers. All of us at iCracked HQ consider ourselves privileged to have each and every iTech as part of our family.  Every accolade that iCracked or I have received is due in large part to these men and women showing their commitment and love for making a customer’s day a little brighter and more convenient.

Amazingly we reached a huge milestone this week by bringing on our 500th iTech! The significance of this achievement is not lost on anyone that’s a part of the iCracked Family.  We are so excited to continue to grow every day until we have an iTech in every city. If you want to be our next awesome iTech, get in touch!

Our iTech network is filled with the best customer service representatives we could ask for. On a daily basis, they interact and communicate with thousands of customers. And do so with a smile and a human touch.  This amazing experience allows iCracked to grow in size and service offering. We have iTechs in 43 states and 11 countries, but we know that there are customers all over the world that would benefit from the opportunity to interact with an iTech. Which is why it is iCracked’s goal to have an iTech in every city we see demand in in the next 24 months.

I’d like to conclude by expressing my heartfelt thanks to each and every iTech. You are the true face of iCracked. Keep up the great work!


AJ Forsythe, CEO

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