iTech of the Week! July 17, 2014

We are elated to announce the resurrection of the “iTech of the Week” series! iTechs will be chosen based on exceptional service, admirable qualities, and contribution to iCracked and our customers that we wish to emanate throughout our tech-savvy world. When asking around iCracked HQ for who best portrays these qualities, a unanimous answer erupted. Our iTech of the Week possesses a unique combination of knowledge, helpfulness, friendliness, and wit that made it an obvious decision. Congratulations, Ned Millis!


This one-of-a-kind iTech resides in the desert plains of La Quinta, California living with his wife and two Shih Tzus, Lulu and Sammy. Ned’s experience in the tech industry journeys through the decades allowing him to easily adapt with the ever-changing technology cycle. With a strong entrepreneurial attitude, becoming an iTech was perfect for him to continue with his passion of equipment repair.

Ned’s gracious tendencies to always welcome new iTechs, respond to a pending question, or to simply crack a joke for an immediate smile never goes unnoticed. We appreciate all of the hard work he has done as a member of our community. Thanks, Ned! You’re the man!

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Choose your own Adventure


With millions tuning in to HBO’s Silicon Valley and the multitude of trend pieces on gentrification, employee ageism, and Wall Street migration — the spotlight on Silicon Valley is brighter than ever.

Here at iCracked, we’re an eclectic group of coders, strategists, customer service extraordinaires, marketing mavens etc. from all over the world. As a Bay Area native, it seemed second nature to pursue a tech career, but what drove my co-workers to head out West? What are their dreams? Why did they want to work at a startup?

Kaelin Calvin: Ottawa, Canada


“At iCracked, everyday is an adventure. Every task leads me to new discoveries, new acquaintances & new experiences.”

Phil Keys: Baraboo, WI

photo (15)“Your life passes by in the blink of an eye, and as you recall the years that have indeed come and gone, you rely on all the experiences and the memories that were created from them to give you the feeling that it was all worth it. Not wanting to look back and be full of regrets on what could have been, I moved to Silicon Valley for the chance to live a life that has no shortage of great stories & recollections.”

Casey Clark: Dallas, Texas

photo (16)

“I picked up my life and moved to Silicon Valley to join iCracked because I was enamored with the culture.  It’s not hard to stay late when you are surrounded by people who motivate you and can make you laugh when things gets too stressful!  Some of my favorite moments are going out in SF, taking group trips to Tahoe, and family dinner nights at our houses.”

Evan Diamond: Parkland, Florida

photo (17)

“As a recent graduate from the University of North Florida, I knew that Silicon Valley is where I needed to be. It’s exhilarating to be around the people who are building the technologies that are impacting our daily lives and improving human interaction. To be even a small part in that effort is inspiring every day.”

We shared our stories, now tell us yours. In the comments below, post your career dreams.

The “Uber of Mother’s Day”

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Write this down: You have less than three days to get your mother a gift. Don’t worry, we will let the Pinterest DIY gods teach you how to crochet a garden bag or whip up lemon mint sugar scrub from scratch.

blooming garden little bag 2

Since we are known as the “Uber for iPhone Repair,” we want to highlight on-demand services, which make it easier to make your mother happy (believe us, we know how hard that can be).

photo (12)

Of course, flowers are the quintessential Mother’s Day gift. Enter San Francisco-based, BloomThat, which is disrupting the flower delivery industry with three easy taps on your smartphone. Send a beautifully curated bouquet wrapped in sustainable burlap via bike messenger in 90 minutes. They are available seven days a week, so no worries if you’re super last minute.


The app is available on iOS and flowers start at $35. BloomThat is currently only available in the Bay Area, but with investors like Ashton Kutcher and Joe Montana, it is looking to expand to 180 markets.

Clean House

The above image encapsulates most people’s affinity towards cleaning, so letting Mom relax for the day would be music to her ears. Homejoy, led by sister-brother team Adora and Aaron Cheung, provides on-demand home cleaning services through their website and mobile app. In fact, they aim to be the “Uber” of its’ field. Booking an appointment or sending a gift card to Homejoy would be the ultimate gift this Mother’s Day.

Adora and Aaron’s mother must be very proud of their efforts and success in making happy homes.

With flowers and a clean house, you can’t go wrong. And thanks to the advances in mobile technology, holiday gift giving can be accomplished with a few simple clicks.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day from iCracked!


Moves for Max

Wrist envy anyone? Nowadays it seems just as common to sport a wearable health device than the latest fashionable watch. The popularity of products like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Moves illustrates our obsession with tracking every little step….literally. So why should our four-legged friends miss out on all the fun?! Enter Whistle: An activity monitor for your dog.


With over $60 billion spent annually on pets and 80 millions dogs in the United States, it is no surprise that Whistle CEO Ben Jones is on a mission to capitalize on the canine space.


Pooches are increasingly prevalent in the tech space. The hashtag #DogsofInstagram has over 7 million posts, and the World’s Cutest Dog Boo kicks it with celebrity pals like Seth Rogan.

Since we’re located in Silicon Valley, it would only be appropriate that our #PetsAtWork sport a Whistle.


Our CIO Martin uses Whistle to monitor his puppy, @RoxyRetriever’s activity while he’s at the office. Martin is able to see whether she’s napping in the sun or tearing up the sofa.

“As my career and passions lie in data-driven analytics, I was drawn to Whistle. Roxy has been wearing Whistle for a month now. I love the ability to follow her daily schedule. The user interface makes it easy to glean insights into her activities, and I know how much I need to walk her at the end of the day.”

Whistle is available online and at 1,100 PetSmart stores. It includes a collar attachment, activity monitor, and USB charging dock. The app runs on Apple iOs 6.1 or greater and Android 4.0.3 or greater.

Tell us would you buy a Whistle for your canine companion?