google self-driving car

Google’s Self-Driving Cars are Coming!

Google’s Self-Driving Car will soon be available to the public, and with a bigger impact than you might think photo: Google I love driving. Absolutely love it. That’s why I’m a bit torn on the push for self-driving cars that’s come up recently. If it takes hold, which it most definitely could, it has the potential… Read more »

10 coolest on-demand services

5 of the Coolest New On-Demand Services

With a recent spike in on-demand services, there’s not much you can’t get whenever you want it. photo: Michael Ransburg There’s no denying we’re in the midst of a startup boom. Over the course of the last decade, we’ve seen newborn companies offering solutions to nearly any perceived inconvenience one could imagine. While plenty of… Read more »

virtual reality in 2015

Virtual Reality in 2015: Is the Technology There Yet?

After an underwhelming introduction more than 20 years ago, virtual reality is giving it another go photo: Sergey Galyonkin – cc I remember the nineties well. Not fondly, necessarily, though I do think the toys were better. Between flashes of Posh Spice and Are You Afraid of the Dark, one memory that readily comes to mind were… Read more »

Project Fi wants to change how we see carriers

Google’s “Project Fi” Aims to Rattle the Way Carriers Operate

With Multiple Networks Available at Once, Project Fi Gives Cellular Providers Plenty to Worry About photo: Carlos Luna – cc Not a week goes by that my dear mother isn’t complaining to me about overage costs on our family plan or asking when her lousy son is going to pay his share of the phone bill (when… Read more »

anti-drones want to take these down.

Death From Below: Rise of the Anti-Drones

With the Number of Consumer Drones Increasing, So Too Do The Counter-Measures  photo: Lee – cc For as long as there have been cool things springing from the fountain of technology, there have been unscrupulous a-holes more than willing to ruin it for everybody. Over the course of the last decade we’ve seen the emergence of… Read more »


Samsung Galaxy S6: Armored, Beautiful, and a Little Sneaky

The new Galaxy S6 blatantly rips-off the iPhone 6, and it’s awesome photo: TechStage – cc It was a losing battle. Quarter after quarter they watched as their sales declined. The Samsung Galaxy S3 had nailed it. In fact, it set a record profit of $5.9 billion in its first quarter only to be trumped by an even… Read more »

Two top contenders in this smartwatch comparison

War of the Watches: A Smartwatch Comparison 2015

A Nifty Smartwatch Comparison for Anyone Weighing Their Options 3D creation: Martin Hajek One watch to rule them all, one watch to find them… It would appear that war is on the horizon for manufacturers vying for the eye of technophiles ready for the latest round of electric mayhem. With several contenders in the developing smartwatch arena,… Read more »

bots on youtube plagiarizing

There’s Bots on Youtube Plagiarizing Your Content

It was only a matter of time before someone taught robots how to steal photo: Keltron There’s something rotten on Youtube, and I’m not talking about PewDiePie. Not long ago the worst you’d come across would be the occasional 14 year-old boasting of unmentionable acts against your dear mother in the comments section of an… Read more »

creepy apps

5 Creepy Apps to Make You go “Ugh..”

These Creepy Apps might Make You Think Twice Before Posting Information photo: Patrik Nygren – cc If you’ve never been curious enough to look, you probably aren’t aware of some pretty creepy apps on the market. I don’t mean “periodically send you a scary picture every week” creepy, I mean like, “your phone shouldn’t be… Read more »

flip phone comeback

Flip Phone Comeback on the Horizon?

Forget the iPhone 6 – flip phones are better than you might remember photo: Dan Cronin – cc I was riding the subway home the other day when I looked over and saw a toddler using his little fingers to navigate his father’s smartphone. Immediately I wanted to know what this porky little “pre-person” was… Read more »

  • Google's Modular Phone

    Google’s Modular Phone: Another Neat Trinket or a Global Revolution?

    Is Google’s Project Ara a Revolution in Non-Pollution or Too Good to Be True? photo: Maurizio Pesce – cc While I’ve been waiting patiently for hoverboards to happen, it dawns on me that I haven’t been too impressed by technology lately. Sure, I still encounter the odd techno-blurb warranting a lazily huffed “huh…,” but more… Read more »

  • automation of jobs - asimo

    Automation of Jobs On the Rise: Is It Time to Clear Out Your Desk?

    As the automation of jobs increases, will the color of your collar matter? photo: Sara Kelly  – cc There’s a word unspoken in the shadowy underbelly of derelict automotive plants. Children in some areas of Detroit are scolded for muttering it under their breath while unshaven back-alley drifters recoil in horror as joyriding delinquents yell… Read more »

  • the fix from icracked

    Introducing iCracked’s Tech Blog, The Fix!

    There’s more on our minds than cracked screens. Welcome to The Fix! photo: Hans-Eivind Urbye We don’t like confinement. We don’t like it when animals are confined and we especially don’t like it when writers are confined. Starting a weekly article for a company might lead to restraint and self-censorship in anyone who’s dared dance… Read more »